Make a difference in the life of a random stranger this holiday season.

Spread holiday cheer by surprising local waitstaff with a significant holiday bonus this year. It feels pretty good!

Find a Local Greasy Spoon

Call the manager ahead of time and ask if they have an employee that is in a particular place of need this holiday season. Also, ask if they are cool with you giving that employee an extra large tip. Oh, and let them know you might be rolling with a rather large group!

Rally Your Friends

Take charge and rally as many friends as you can. We suggest using to schedule a time to gather up for breakfast. 

Meal + $100 Tip from Each Diner

Each person pays for their meal and each person leaves a $100 bill for tip. Go bigger if you can!


Before you leave, hand the money over to your waitstaff and watch the smile on their face. You and your friends just dropped a love bomb!

Bonus: Tag the location in social media with #ShockAndClaus and we'll list it below. 

This was an original concept of The Good Wood Club